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When I picked out the band, the color was quite white, but when I received the ring I noticed that the areas on the band on either side of the yellow gold had a yellowish tinge to them. Has anyone had to re-plate sooner than a couple of years? Any general advice on the subject? Tara B Colorado Springs, Colorado + I bought my husbands ring last March and it looks terrible! I was just wondering if all white gold jewelry is rhodium plated? The jeweler told me it was white gold and didn’t say anything about it being plated with anything, is this legal? I am having a huge problem with the people I have had to deal with, they are so rude

What is 14KP RING WORTH?

14KP Gold Pearl, Diamond Spiral Ring Beautiful three tier spiral ring, fashioned of 14 karat pink gold is edged with 1 bezel set diamond on each side totaling .03 carats

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Other karats of gold are common in different parts of the world, 9 karat (also marked 9ct) is common in England or Ireland, 22 karat is common in India and several other countries

What is my gold worth? How to test gold? Is my gold or silver real? How to get paid the most for your gold or silver?

Yellow Gold White Gold Rose Gold Green Gold Black Hills Gold (Style of gold using combinations of all of the above) Dental Gold (Normally 12k to 16k) Before testing your items you will want to look for the jeweler’s markings which can tell you what type of gold was used to make the jewelry. The link below is an example of our gold calculator which as you can see shows the payout percentage you will receive if you sell us your gold, silver, platinum or palladium items

712 days ago I HAVE A DIAMOND RING WITH 14 KP INSIDE OF IT, IS IT WORTH MORE THAN 14 KT? Got it! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! Keep doing the ChaCha! 750 days ago What does it mean when the inside of a ring says 14kp? Pt is the name for the element, Platinum. ChaCha on! 272 days ago How much is a 14 kp gold with genuine sapphire center ring cost? Unfortunately, the price of a 14 karat gold ring with a sapphire would vary, depending on the..

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White gold jewelry is yellow gold that is mixed with a nickel alloy; this nickel alloy makes the jewelry appear whiter than yellow gold but when placed next to platinum jewelry, it is considerably more yellow than platinum jewelry. During the final steps of the manufacturing process the more yellow looking white gold jewelry is dipped and electroplated in rhodium, which is a form of liquid platinum

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If a manufacturer does use a gold mark, federal law requires that it be accurate and accompanied by a maker’s mark-either the company’s initials or registered trademark. Finishes are more likely to last on items such as pendants or earrings, where there is minimal friction between the piece of jewelry, skin and clothing

The 10k Gold test solution will very slowly dissolve the mark from the 10k needle, possibly just discolor, the reaction can be compared to the unknown piece. – Our Line of Gold Testing Solutions Produced: 10 carat, 14 carat, 18 carat and 22 carat for testing gold Platinum testing solution to test your pieces made of platinum

I might never find out.Elvis bought jewelry wherever he found a piece he liked, I was sort of hoping to track down the maker of the ring, as I first believed it to be custom made for him. Sometimes called the Plumb Gold Act, it required that any jewelry item bearing a Karat stamp had to contain at least that much pure gold.Hi,Thanks for clearing that up ! It looked like gold, but I’m no expert, so I wasn’t sure

How do I know my gold is real?

What if your item has no markings? There are many reasons why an item may not be marked and sometimes the markings can be so small you need a loupe or magnifying glass to find it. Yellow Gold White Gold Rose Gold Green Gold Black Hills Gold (Style of gold using combinations of all of the above) Before testing you will want to look for the jeweler’s markings which can tell you what type of gold was used to make the jewelry

In some instances manufacturers have marked their jewelry 14KP meaning plumb, but inadvertently have confused the public that believed the 14KP mark meant gold plated

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14kp and 24 what does this mean? on the same ring,Askville Question: 14kp and 24 what does this mean? on the same ring, : Jewelry What does the JGL stamped on a ring before 14KP mean? – What …What does jlg mean on a gold bangle. What does 14kp with a diamond emblem after it mean? it is a …What does 14kp with a diamond emblem after it mean? it is a diamond ring.? Its got 7 small diamonds on it and I think its white gold

(Not actual item weight) Large packages may be subject to dimensional weight pricing and may show a heavier than actual package weight to factor in this postage rule. If your order does not meet this amount and you would like insurance please send us an email and we can adjust your order total before payment is made to include insurance

Q: who is Larry Kramer with? Q: where can i write Larry Kramer? what is Larry Kramer known for? Q: what do women like to hear when having sex? Q: how is the usa and Police, Poland alike? where and how to get a passport… Posted by skycarey 7 months ago Answered: Is 14K yellow gold sufficient for an engagement ring? yes the higher the karat the higher the content percentage of gold

For those who have a very nice piece of gold jewelry that is well-built and has a great deal of value as being a crafted little bit of precious metal, then a jewelry store may be your best option. My goal is to help you identify the resources that may assist you get the most money for your gold jewelry if you are deciding to sell your jewelry for supplemental income during these very difficult economic times

Cash 4 Gold: Scam! Real Tips for Selling Your Gold Jewelry

(a 5ct bracelet set with 500 .01ct diamonds has an ENORMOUS labor cost) often times, these types of bracelets are made overseas where the cost of labor is much lower, however, because they are insured and replaced here in the States, we have to factor in the cost of recreating the piece to our own standards. This occurs in nearly every industry but because jewelry is a bit of an enigma to most consumers, they are often stuck taking the appraisal at face value

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In order that people would be able to tell if they were buying actual 14K or the older 13.5K, manufacturers came up with the P added to the karat stamp to show that the new stuff was a full 14K gold content. All this only applied to items made in the U.S., of course, since most of the rest of the world had never allowed that sloppy variance in gold content in the first place

Hallmarks in the UK are stamped at a number of official assay offices, where the metals are tested before being stamped with the appropriate purity rating, a year letter as well as the stamp affirming the location of the assay office. The letters kp simply stand for carat plumb and is an indication that the carat value of the item is as exactly as stated, rather than the minimum amount of gold contained in the item

Is jewelery marked 14kp real gold

The rules have actually changed to where US manufacturers are using the same rules as the rest of the world but the 14kp system of naming still lives on

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Throw it on a triple beamer and weigh it ( discount any stones)….you must know a somebody with one being such a HOT dude with chicks like a poorer Charlie Sheen. Join Date Apr 2002 Location h Posts 26,703 RX Points 247 11-18-2011, 03:08 PM Originally Posted by Doug lgb14k is a good sign, IMO it’s like an artist called Lawrence Gregory Branford signing off his work as being authentic

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GOLD FILLED WAS ONCE COMMONLY USED IN WATCH CASESHEAVY GOLD PLATE—–A FILM OF FINE GOLD PLATED TO OTHER METALS TO A THICKNESS OF AT LEAST 100 MILLIONTH OF AN INCH.ROLLED GOLD—–A LAYER OF PLATING, OF 10 KARAT OR BETTER, MECHANICALLY BONDED TO A BASE METAL. 12 Users are viewing the Jewelry Forum right now This will search the titles of the threads in the Jewelry forum Search the Jewelry Forum: Topic Updated Last By Comments online Jewellery shopping 30 min poojalapasia 1 silver necklace Chain 31 min charmjewelry 2 Wholesale Fashion Jewelry (Sep ’12) Tue rashi123 4 Who Loves Affordable Jewelry!! (Jan ’13) Tue rashi123 10 Diamonds wedding ring Tue Sud Raj 3 come here to see some awesome diamonds Jul 15 erica 1 the most beautiful jewelry I’ve ever seen

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Type of Jewelry Where to Look Necklace The hallmark is typically on the clasp Ring Look inside the ring, the hallmark is typically located somewhere on the band Watch Hallmarks on watches are located on the case back or on the bracelet clasp. Quality marks for sterling silver include: sterling sterling silver ster 925, 92.5, .925 AG925 argent sterling 835 (.835) – a lower quality of British Sterling Silver 925 NV – Nevada Silver Taxco .999 Fine – Pure Silver Guide to Silver HallmarksSilver Hallmarks and Makers’ Marks

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There are a lot of home use cleaners that will remove surface dirt but to really get a truly clean ring, pendant or bracelet, a good cleaning by a jeweler is recommended. Even though sentiment has no price tag, if your appraisal is not updated and a loss occurs, you may not be able to afford to replace your lost piece or pieces

Initially there were skeptics to the original meteorite findings and were attributed to the silicon carbide blades that may have been used to saw the type specimens. A real diamond disperses the heat instantaneously so by the time you look at it, it has already cleared up, or if it happens to be a little dirty, it still clears much faster than a fake

gold ring?

Today, the 14k mark may be taken to mean just what it says, on the mark and really 14k.WHITE SETTINGS.The white settings for the stones you mentioned are likely either white gold or yellow gold with a white plating to make the stones show brighter. Thank you!AnswerHello and thanks for this question, Tara.THE P MARKING IN THE JEWELRY.The markings in gold jewelry sold in the USA should meet the standards of Federal law

With the price of gold rising, antique pieces, which have value because of their age, now have some additional value because of the quantity of gold, albeit minimal. That is another reason to buy from a reputable jeweler who, like Kingston Fine Jewelry, will stand behind the pieces they sell and who themselves only buy from reputable wholesalers

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